Look out Hollywood!

I am going to break this blog up into the areas we visited as it would be HUGE as a single blog – I have so much to talk about when it comes to this trip.

In 2016 when Cooper got sick I promised him that for being so brave I would take him to Disneyland (probably was a bit silly of me at the time to promise something so big) but hey a promise is a promise and he has been so brave over the past 18 months he totally deserved this trip.

So around September 2016 I went into full USA 2017 planning. If we were going to do this we were going to do it good a proper.

Originally we planned on Disneyworld in Florida but the flight seemed so much longer than just going to LA and to be honest the cost of the holiday was just going up and up so it was back to the planning board.

After lots of discussions between ourselves and my parents whom we decided to take along for the ride we were set on an itinerary of:

Hollywood – Barstow – Vegas – Anaheim – Laguna Beach

I bought myself a big folder and moved on with many months of planning.

We choose to fly Virgin Australia’s premium class, which was just amazing so much more space for the kids, it was an experience for my parents and a little treat for us parents as well.

The 14-hour flight over was seamless and the kids being 9, 7 & 6 were at a good age to tackle this trip with.

On arriving in LA we were all a little tired and on edge as our body clocks were all out of sorts.

We headed to Europcar to pick up or mini van that we were going to spend the next 2 weeks travelling around in.

Hollywood – 2 Nights

Hollywood was the 1st stop on the itinerary. I have been to LA several times before and knew with the kids and my parents I wanted to stay super central to the attractions. The Hollywood Rooseveldt had been on my bucket list for years and this trip I was able to tick it off. The Hollywood Roosevelt defiantly lived up to my dreams. The bedrooms are cosy but have beautiful furniture, linen and have that old Hollywood vibe. The pool is like a scene from a movie and on Saturday it was buzzing with all the beautiful people of LA turning out for what felt like a who’s who of Hollywood pool party.

We checked out hooters the 1st day with my dad unsure if this was really an appropriate restaurant. After arriving he soon realized that it is only hooters by name.


We explored the Hollywood strip it does not matter where you stand there is always something interesting happening in Hollywood. Surprisingly my parents really enjoyed Hollywood when I didn’t think it would be there thing.

I took my mum on a Hollywood homes tour in the afternoon, which she loved by the time we returned everyone else had given into jet lag so we settled in and prepared to start the next day fresh.

Day 2 we were all up bright and early I think it was the jet lag again. We headed to Mel’s Diner Hollywood for breakfast. This old school diner has filmed many classic films and defiantly gave you a look into the old Hollywood days. The food was classic American and we all loved our meals.

Before arriving in the states I had pre-purchased and planned all of our day trips, I find it so much easier with kids to be organized ahead of time. I also purchased meals, and activities from groupon.

So Day 2 was all about the hop on hop off bus, we travelled thru Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, West Hollywood and hoped off at the Pink’s Hot Dog Stop. Once again another famous eatery visited by many celebrities.

Back on the bus we made the journey back to the hotel for a much needed rest before dinner.

There are some great restaurants around Hollywood and I have named all of the ones that we visited with their links below.

Day 3 was mother’s day and I was spoilt with goodies from Victoria Secrets.


We all piled into our minivan and headed to Santa Monica. On a previous trip to LA I was lucky enough to stay in Santa Monica it is such a gorgeous area with so much to do.

This time we were just spending a few hours visiting the pier and my favorite burger joint – pier burgers (YUM!)

The pier is so much fun for adults and kids. We took our time strolling the pier and sat for a while to take it all in.

Stay tuned for my next Blog: Barstow – somewhere between Hollywood & Vegas.


Hollywood Roosevelt

 Car Hire



Starline Hop on Hop off Bus

Celebrity Homes Tour

Pinks Hotdogs

Mel’s Diner



Pier Burger – Santa Monica Pier


LP x



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