A Taste of Royalty

Recently we were having a lazy Sunday and there was a show on TV about royal recipes when one caught my eye.

It was a recipe for Jam Puffs which were apparently a favourite of the Queen Mother.

They are so easy to make and great to make with kids for an afternoon treat!


3 Pre Rolled Sheets of Puff Pastry
Your Favourite Jam, we used Strawberry
1 Egg
Icing Sugar for Dusting

Makes 27

Lay the sheets of puff pastry out on the bench to defrost.

Once defrosted, use a round cookie cutter to cut 9 circles in each sheet and remove the excess pastry.

Place just under half a teaspoon of jam to one side of each circle, you are going to fold them in half soon.

Beat the egg and use a pastry bush to bush the other side of each circle.

Fold in half and pitch to create a good seal.

I did this in batches of 9 so the egg wash doesn’t soak into the pastry too much.

Don’t egg wash the outside just bake straight away at 180C for about 10mins.

Take them out and dust with icing sugar then place under a hot grill to caramelize, make sure you watch them closely, this won’t take long.

Once caramelized, take them out and allow to cool.

These are great served on their own with whipped cream, but get in quick, they won’t last long.



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