Summerland Camel Farm

With JP at golf today and not having the comfort of our home to laze around in, I was left thinking what the hell am I going to do to entertain the kids.

A couple of weeks ago I heard about Summerland Camel Farm at Harrisville on the scenic rim.


The Homestead Cafe & Shop at Summerland display’s the very best of Summer Land Camel Farm’s ever expanding artisanal products and produce. 

Housed within a magnificent 1930’s Federation style homestead – you can go inside, kick back and enjoy the spacious wide verandahs and polished floorboards while take in the breathtaking views of the Scenic Rim, the lush farmstead and the roaming camels, all whilst enjoying a delicious range of our hand made menu offerings or experience the summer land amazing skincare.

With an ever-changing menu that aims to showcase the very best of their camel milk cuisine and the local communities fresh produce, you’ll be sure to find something that takes your fancy. Experience the exclusive products straight from the dairy including a selection of delicious camel gelato, cheeses, hand packed ice creams, sweet and savoury treats and even try an indulgent camel milk latte to go with delicious fresh Fromage Blanc de Chameau on toasted sourdough.

If you feel like doing things your own way, why not grab a blanket and one of the Picnic Hampers filled with cured meats, pickles, olives, fresh sourdough, cheeses, fruits, nuts and more – find a secluded spot under a shady tree or bask in the sun on our spacious estate. 

The Homestead Cafe is open every Sunday from 9am to 4.30pm.

My kids loved feeding the camels and running around in the fresh air.

Would highly recommend the beautiful drive out to Summerland Camel Farm. We sat and coffee with the camel’s milk and gorgeous camel milk gelato which I was lucky enough to talk with the owner about. The gelato is perfect for diabetics as it does not affect Cooper’s glucose level so he was free to eat as much as he liked.



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