The Uninvited New Life

Walking into my kitchen to do one of the billion chores it seems I have to do every day of my life, I was stopped short by the emotion that overtook me when I noticed what was on the counter – Used test strips the evidence and constant reminder that diabetes is here to stay.
At 3:15pm on 03rd March 16 my beautiful 8 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. That day changed our lives and more importantly Cooper’s changed FOREVER.
In the past 18 months Cooper has endured:
  • 3 hospital admissions
  • At least 3000 finger pricks
  • Approx 1500 insulin injections
  • Countless Hypo Attacks
  • Chiropractic / Optometrist / Podiatrist / Dietician Appointments


All while I struggle to get my head around it, that has meant — more times than not in the past 12 months — checking in the morning that he is still breathing, monitoring BG levels that have skyrocketed to stomach-retching highs, and a constant state of combined worry, anger and sadness for me.
Cooper was the “model patient” when he was diagnosed . He started giving himself shots straight away after diagnosis. He has understood the math of bolusing and counting every piece of food that enters his body. He went on the pump within 8 months, and figured it out like a trooper.
I hate that he will have difficult diabetes struggles. I despise that he really does have to take this on. But, as I smile through tears l, I feel overwhelming hope. I adore my son. He is strong, smart, funny and good at heart. He can do it. And the best thing I can do for him is admit that it’s hard, help him try, understand when he slips up, and work hard for that elusive better way of life for him down the road.
With every dark cloud a rainbow can appear. Diabetes has taught me so much about life, how I want to live mine and how I want to be seen living it.
I do not take things for granted anymore – family time is super important, with the blink of an eye everything can change. Don’t sweat the small stuff, I was terrible for this I would let every small thing get to me. I am not saying I am cured of this but I defiantly know what is important to me know.
Everybody is fighting their own battles – this is ours but I know you all have your own as well.
I have found a love for natural and alternate therapies not only did I seek help from essential oils to help Cooper but have also benefited greatly myself. I have taken up yoga, something I have wanted to do for so long.
I will probably talk about type 1 diabetes a lot as it is now such a passionate part of whom I am. This really is the small snippet of the past 18 months but if I can tell you anything it is to appreciate what you have at this very moment in time as there is always someone in a worse situation than you are.
Laura x

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