Our 1st family trip to Bali in March 16 was to be Jarrod’s 1st and I had not been for a long time. We were so excited to be heading away for 10 days in the sun for Easter.

10 days before we were due to leave our little man was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Our instant reaction was to cancel the holiday and we were getting that much unwanted ‘advice’ about not taking our sick child to a 3rd world country. After many talks with our doctors and the hospital it was advised that we should go and get away from the everyday world, take the holiday and focus on our son and what our new life is going to entail.

So we went……

We booked the Bali Dynasty Resort, my reasons that I went with this resort were:

  • Not far from the airport
  • Good Sized Family Rooms
  • Kids Club
  • Multiple restaurants
  • Beachfront Location

Of all of the things on my tick list the resort let us down with the beachfront location. Yes it is on the beach but to get to it you have to walk down a dark lane with lots of people selling all of the normal Bali goodies. I was not comfortable walking down here at all as they were grabbing at the kids and just would not leave us alone. The beach is more of a rocky area and not somewhere that you can swim. It was important to me that the resort was on the beach as with 3 kids I did not want to be walking or having to drive to visit the beach each day.

The  kids club was great and the restaurants very nice. Each night a different themed buffet was put on.

On this trip we ventured out on the hotel to the waterbom park which was such a fantastic day. Usually we have to drag the kids from these activities but it was JP that we sat and waited for at the end of the day.

Overall this trip gave us our first taste of Bali and we did leave wanting more (2nd part of blog to come later as we went back to explore more in December 16).

My tips for Bali:

  • When travelling with small children pick a large resort with a good kids club. As nice as it is to have the break as a parent, the kids love the activities.
  • Be nice and close to a town or restaurants. Again if you have kids you want to be able to walk to these amenities.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan – Have your transport to the hotel booked, know what activities and day trips you want to do and what days you will do these on (as like us you may just run out of time)
  • Allow down time – Bali is defiantly a place to sit, relax, read a book or even indulge in the day spa.

Places we visited:

Overall would defiantly recommend Bali.

Laura x


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