3 years ago we made the decision to leave our beautiful 6 bedroom home that we designed and built to move back to the city and into a 3 bedroom 1946 home that literally had nothing done to it since 1946.

I wish I had started blogging about our renovation adventures 3 years ago as we have put so much work into this house but still have so much to go. We had tree’s growing thru windows, no windows, every wall and ceiling needed re-plastering and painting, no bathroom, no kitchen ….. the list goes on and on.

We are about to embark on bathroom month! For 3 years my bathroom has formed part of the hallway it really is a disaster especially with 3 kids. I can’t wait to share the bathroom journey with you.

Here are a few before photos:


We have had to do everything whilst being budget cautious all of the work has come from our own pockets – no borrowed money just hard saving and hard work.

We have utilised Kmart, Bunnings and Ikea to the best of our knowledge. Just because you are on a tiny budget it does not mean that you can’t create a beautiful finished project.

After Photos:

Laura x

Ps – All of our renovations photos are on instagram using the hashtag #theblockcoorparoo


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