Travelling with the kids.

I love to travel, I always have.

My parents took me on so many adventures as a young child and I want to show my kids the world. To educate my kids on culture is high on my list.

So, how do we do it! We took our oldest child to Thailand when he was 18 months old. I took our our middle child by myself to the UK when she was 4 months old and the youngest to Fiji when she was 12 months old.

You can totally travel with young children it just takes organisation.

I always research research research our destination – which area & hotel are going to work best for us. Does the hotel have a kids club? How will we get around? Do I need to pre-book a transfer from the airport to the hotel? Where will we eat? Does the hotel include breakfast? …… so many questions but I am the type of person that creates a whole folder of information and feel at ease knowing I have totally organised.

I want to share with you one by one the places we have travelled with the kids and let you know how we did (and managed to feel relaxed).

Stay Tuned my 1st post will be on the fabulous Fiji.

Laura x



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