The Difference Between Vaporizers, Humidifiers & Diffusers

The Difference Between Vaporizers, Humidifiers & Diffusers

A common question asked is “what is the difference between vaporizers, humidifier and diffusers”.  I think the confusing part is they all look alike.  The stand out winner for me is a diffuser, as this is the best for oils.

A Humidifier is a device that is used for keeping the atmosphere moist in a room.  It helps to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body such as treating dry skin, nose, throat and lips.  Most often people use a humidifier to help with cold and flu symptoms by relieving sinus congestion.  Most humidifiers are not built for using essential oils, and over time they can damage plastic components.


A Vaporizer is a device that generates a particular substance in the form of vapour, especially medicinal inhalation.  A vaporizer works by heating water until it turns into hot steam.  You can make your own vaporizer by bringing a pot of water to a boil, add 1-3 drops of essential oil, place a towel over your head and inhale the steam.  Extreme heat can sometimes break down the therapeutic qualities of essential oils.


A Diffuser, especially when it comes to aromatherapy and essential oils, can come in a variety of ways.  The best for any household is an electric powered diffuser works much like a cool air humidifier, except they are specially made for using with essential oils.  Diffusers are designed to disperse a micro-fine vapour into the air allowing them to be suspended into the air for an extended period of time.  It is much safer than burning oils in warmers, and retains the integrity of essential oils.

Diffusers are an extremely easy and effective way of giving an aroma to a room, but there are many more benefits to using them.

  1. Helps reduce bacteria, fungus, mould and unpleasant odours.
  2. Relaxes the mind and body; relieves tension, anxiety and stress.
  3. Aids with grief management.
  4. Improves concentration, alertness and mental clarity.
  5. Helps control mental and physical fatigueThe dōTERRA Petal Diffuser is a small, user-friendly diffuser that delivers health-promoting benefits to your family and home. It has a relaxing mist and soft white ambient light, making it ideal for night-time diffusion. The Petal Diffuser has three timed settings—1, 2, and 4 hours—allowing you to customize the release of essential oils into the air. This convenient diffuser is stable, light, and easy to use—perfect for home or office use. The Petal Diffuser permeates an ultra-fine, yet substantial mist output into the air, releasing the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of  essential oils quickly and safely. This high quality, affordable diffuser is perfect for both novice and experienced essential oil users who want a reliable, easy-to-use essential oil diffuser.
  6. Substantial mist output helps purify and humidify the air
    • 1, 2, and 4 hour diffuser settings
    • Optional LED light
    • Ultra-fine mist reaches up to 330 square feet
    • Simple, 3-piece diffuser is easy and convenient to use
    • Stable and light for the many spaces in your lifedoTERRA-Petal-

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